How to make Vietnamese Coconut Waffle

Today I want to take an interesting turn in my blog post. Currently, I am on a break from CS:GO because I was too addicted. In this blog post I will be teaching my audience how to make a great Vietnamese snack known as the coconut waffle. The ingredients are:

-2c all purpose flour
-1c sugar

-1 can coconut milk (16 oz)
-1c water
-1/2 package baking powder
-5 drops pandan extract
*Mix everything together and let it sits for 30 minutes

green waffle

coconut waffle.jpg

Pandan extract is a popular Southeast Asian flavoring for desserts and sweets and is extracted from floral green grass. Vietnamese coconut waffles, unlike American waffles, are eaten plain, without any syrup. They are a popular street food that are easily made with a waffle iron.

Note this is kinda why I’ve been MIA Fellow ESPORTS fans TUNE IN FOR TSM VS IMT TOMORROW : but enjoy this relatable blog post about Procrastination

Originally posted on purestills: Do you procrastinate? I sure do! Procrastination seems to be one of the biggest weaknesses of a high school student, either we have time to finish work but are simply to lazy or were to busy throughout the day to get started on the assignments. Should we blame the teachers for…

Hall of Fame

I found this blog extremely interesting because it talks about one of my favorite pole vaulters. Scott Huffman, the American pole vault record holder, performs one of the most difficult vaults, the “Huffman Vault“. He throws one leg over the bar at a time. I really enjoyed this blog because this was how i cleared 9′ last year as a freshman. My coach’s face would always transform into a dark crimson color and I swear I saw steam come out of his ears. Over the course of a few months, I tried my best during practice, always making sure to stay motivated to get a PR (personal record) and jump as high as I can. I soon stopped doing the Huffman vault and in the course of a few more months, I easily got 10’6”. The one thing that my coach despises about my vault is that I “canoe”, or sit, over the bar. I am disappointed in myself because I swing up all the way from my short run, but when I do my long run, I try my best to kick my left leg up, however, I fail miserably. Also I do not break in my bottom arm once I am in the air. Here is an example of my not clearing 11′ because I cannot swing all the way up. There are thousands of pole vaulters in the world, and I am surprised that there are not a lot of blog posts about our graceful sport.



2016 Hall of Fame Inductees Tom Tellez- One of track and field’s great coaches, Tom is synonymous for speed and the sprinting and/or jumping success of all time greats like Carl Lewis, LeRoy Burrel…

Source: Hall of Fame

Outcome of The Season 6 NALCS

Outcome of The Season 6 NALCS

“Yo Jensen Body these fools” “Fight fight fight fight, Im Healing Rush, Keep Kiting BACK !KOG’MAW KOG’MAW KOG’MAW!! Kite back Kite back We got this! GO GO GO GO GO GO  Im Healing Rush,Im Healing Sneaky, Careful Careful! KOG’MAW KOG’MAW KOG’MAW!!! GET HIM GET HIM!! WE WIN WE WIN WE WIN!!! I GOTCHU I GOTCHU!!!” Judging by this we can already speculate how explosive and surprising the NALCS has been this year. With new teams rising to power and older teams crumbling down we’ll take a look at what has come to the NALCS as of now.


This was probably the most impressive performance this season SO FAR. They currently only have 1 LOSS out of 14 games. Star players for this team are none other than Reignover (Jungler) Huni (Top Laner) and Wildturtle( ADC), this triple threat has been the leading cause to their great season so far. As a new team this is also impressive since they don’t have as much synergy compared to other teams. Theybwere seen as a huge threat when their Second game of the season they made a record breaking win for a FAST 18:00m Minute game. This has never been done in LCS History. All in all Immortals has been the Emperor of NALCS.

Here we can see although a close match IMT pulls in a game winning team fight


CLG has seen an over all clean season so far, many changes have occurred such as Stixxay (ADC) Filling in Doublelift’s big shoes, as well as Darshan, formely known as ZionSpartan, has gone through a massive evolution as a player. Although with an adjusted roster CLG retains its synergy that leads them to placing 2nd in NA. Furthermore the current meta (strategy for people newer to the Esports scene) Favors Darshan’s playstyle such as Jax Fiora ect. CLG is seen as a huge threat since it was the only team to end Immortals chance of having a perfect season being the only team to conquer Immortals. Overall CLG might have reached its peak this split and this may be the split where they take it all.

Video Portrays CLG’s Shut down on Immortals Undefeated record


C9 has yet again brought back Hai (was suppposed to retire a year ago) , but as seen they need Hai’s GODLIKE shotcalling in ordwer for them to remain in the top 3 NA Teams. C9 has been a strong team with the addition of Rush (a Highly skilled korean solo q player), Rush has been what seems to be C9’s Ace in the hole due to his god like mechanics. With the retirement of Lemonation C9 needed someone to take his Support role, who would it be ?well none other than Hai seeing as to how he is determined no matter what position he plays. Hai is one of the first players to play 3 roles professionally that being (Mid lane, jungle, and Support). Another main reason for C9 keeping up with the other teams is the fact that Jensen has also evolved as a player, he has improved greatly in skill and can now compete with the other professional midlaners. This leads to the fact that C9 is a top 3 team in NA and has what it takes to compete with other teams

Here we have Rush’s incredible outplay


TSM has hit a rough spot this season since having their whole roster reworked( except bjergsen) the team has lately been lacking synergy. This shows through their performance on stage and most of their wins have been sloppy. TSM have been leaning on bjerg for carrying them to victory with the exception of some games where Hauntzer or DoubleLift end up carrying.  TSM have talented players but they just lack the synergy and trust in each others calls. While this has crippled them they still remain in 4th place and are fighting to get back onto the top.

Example of TSM’s rather sloppy style of pulling in wins (hurts as a TSM fan)


NRG is what I call a Wild card, you never know whether it will destroy its opponents or get stomped by its opponents. Key Players for NRG is probably Impact(Season 3 World Champion toplaner) and Ganked By Mom or GBM (Midlaner) these two is what I like to think of as the bread and butter of Team NRG. Impact has provided a carry potential for NRG and has been there when needed most. GBM on the other hand is what I like to call the Messiah for team NRG, This guy is CRAZY good, I’ve seen some good flashy plays from him that keep NRG tied for 5th right now. As NALCS continues I feel as if NRG will soon grow to power and rise towards the top.

Here we have a video of GBM stepping up when Impact would not perform on first day of NALCS

Team Liquid

A force to be reckoned with TL has returned and is attmepting to make it to the top again. This time however they bring in some rookies to the table after the retirement of IWillDominate a talented jungler for TL and Matt the new support/shot caller for TL. But some wonder who would replace Dom? Well that would be Dardoch his second in command, this left TL under the supervision of Fenix and Piglet who were the veteran players for the team. With a score of 7-7 I say TL has potential to make it to the spot and conquer the NA scene.

Here we have Liquid showing off their potential by sweeping TSM

Echo Fox

Echo Fox has had its ups and downs and continues to spiral down, Fox has only one veteran which would be Froggen who was an EU legend and was known for being able to farm/CS efficiently. That being said this team run by Rick Fox is built out of Rookies and decently new pros. This includes Keith, Big, and KFO. That being said Echo Fox  has a slim chance of not being relegated  but must work  jard in order to survive since they are tied for 7th.

Here we have one of Echo Fox’s Glorious moments at 57 seconds , (watch out for Big’s squeaky voice :P)

Team Impulse

Once Big fish of the NALCS in 2015 have now crumbled in 2016 due to the fact that 4 of its former players have left to join the following teams (TSM, NRG, C9, and DIG).This has left Gate to form a new team and attempt to keep themselves in the NALCS. In order to do this they moved Gate to the support role and filled in the other roles with new players from Korea. That being said this choice doesnt seem rto be as wise as they had thought since TIP also face the risk of possible relegation and not being able to perform in the NALCS next year. If they want to stay alive against this cruel  drawn out split they need to step it up  and need to build synergy. That being said they have finally began to develop some form of synergy shown below



Ah the slow spiral of once a strong and respective team has been foreseen, Team Dignitas is what some might call washed up. Through out the split they have made bad calls and are known to throw the game with a hasty baron pick which usually ends up with them being aced (when all 5 players of one team being dead at the same time). Dignitas can only rely on their only hope which is KiwiKid and Shiphtur.Both are seasoned veterans and have played the game since around beta.

this Video Portray’s DIG’s few successful games


Once seen as the power pick in the Challenger Series since they had old legends Crumbz,Freeze, and Alex Ich. That being said they haven’t been performing up to their expectations and have been on a bad losing streak and will most likely face relegation. Renegades does however have there moments where they expose their enemies mistakes and go for the win. But as the Season Continues  the more pressure is added towards Renegades being last place.

Rare Footage of Renegade’s success


As Play-Offs draw near the tension between each of the team’s increases it all goes down in the play offs and anything can happen. Which of these 10 teams will manage to win the spring split? which of these teams will be relegated? Comment before and be sure to give feedback 🙂 Anything helps. Have a Nice Day :^)

All About the AWP


The AWP is an insanely powerful sniper rifle in the game. Every match there should be about two snipers, one on each side. The AWP comes at a costly price of $4750, which is super expensive. The best and most unique ability of the AWP is that it is a one shot kill. The one shot kill makes the AWP extremely overused, however, it takes superior skill to master this difficult weapon. The term “flick of the wrist” came from this weapon. The only way of not killing someone with an AWP is if you hit a limb from an armored opponent. The AWP takes a lot of skill and most pro players flick their mouse to get “flick shots”. The most famous AWP pro player is called KennyS and he is considered a god. I really like his gameplay, but the best AWP pro player, in my opinion, is Skadoodle. I really enjoy his gameplay and he is my favorite. The AWP is my favorite gun to use, however, I am extremely bad with the power cannon. During early game, you will not be able to purchase the AWP. I would prefer to use the scout with deagle when you do not have enough money.


The AWP has extremely expensive skins, including the AWP Dragon Lore, which is about 10,000 and the most expensive skin in the entire game. My personal favorite skin for the AWP is the AWP Medusa. One of the most iconic skins for the AWP is of course the AWP Asiimov. My favorite AWP skin that is actually affordable is the AWP Pink DDPAT. I really like the contrast of the pink and the black. The AWP is the most powerful gun in the game.

pink ddpat.jpg

Death for Criminals and CS:GO?

Death for Criminals and CS:GO?

I remember in class that we read an article in class that talked about inmates on death row that were about to be killed. They had the opportunity to choose between two lethal options: lethal injection or lethal gas. The inmate on death row suggested to the readers that lethal gas is not as painless as some people would like to think. The anticipation of what is coming is extremely stressful and he also asks the question; Why can’t you just throw prisoners off an airplane to kill them? The obvious answer is that it is not humane. I believe that murder is murder. There is no such thing as a humane way to kill someone. The killer then goes on to justify that lethal gas is not humane either. My response to this murderer’s argument is that he was in prison and put on death row for a reason. This inmate’s reason was because he slaughtered other human beings. I like to live my life by a set of codes and one of the codes is “an eye for an eye, an ear for an ear”. That means that the inmate has killed other human beings so he should be killed too. Since he is complaining about the torture of waiting to be put down, I say that we should just poison inmates using an inexpensive toxic, and not tell them when we are about to kill them. That way, they won’t have the pain of knowing when they will die. Some may say that murder is not “humane”, however, the prisoners got themselves into the situation when they had to commit an act of crime. Also, others may argue that the inmates may be innocent. I respond with, “they get half a year in prison before they get unexpectedly poisoned.” I do not think that the prisoners deserve an option on how they would die because they did not give their victims an option.  


I believe a similar punishment system in the popular game CS:GO should be fixed. If you kick too many teammates you get a ban. This is ridiculous because we all know how horrible the ranking system is and how we always get trolls in matchmaking. I believe that their should not be a punishment for kicking too many people, but there should be a more severe punishment for trolling or killing too many teammates.


vote kick

Retired Pros And Legends and What They Do Now

Retired Pros And Legends and What They Do Now

Hey Guys, Today I will be Discussing about retired players who formerly performed in the NALCS. These People were known to be God like during season 2 and now they are seen as “washed Up” but we’ll take a look at what they do in their everyday lives.



Regi was a former midlaner for TSM and was known to be the shotcaller back in season 2 he also owned TSM and took care of the brand name. Back in his “prime” in his career he was known for playing Karthus, Zed,His BLUE CARD REGINALD(heres a video if you don’t understand what I mean), and His Mediocre Gragas plays :). Overall he was decent during season 2 but during season 3 he started declining which resulted to him stepping down. As of Today Reginald currently runs the TSM Brand and is owner of the company he helps expand TSM to different Esports such as SSB(Smash Bros) and CSGO. Basically Reginald is running a huge company that earns him a lot of money.



TheOddone was one of the most legendary junglers back in his prime, He is also my favorite League Pro. Back in his day he was known for being one of the Top Junglers (Season 1), He was known for his quick reactions, and also making jungle Nunu and Maokai popular.He also Made DARUUUUDE SAAAANDSTORMMM Popular which is pretty cool. Aside from that he keeps playing League by streaming on twitch and still makes a living off of it due to his comedic style and pleasing his audience. To This day Oddone still streams League of Legends while also playing different games once in a while.



Imaqtpie is The man The Legend himself, Former ADC for Dignitas, and once of the most popular Twitch Streamers to this day. Back in Season 2 for Professional League of Legends, he was part of Team Dignitas where he was known for his aggressive and flashy play style. He was always a force to reckon with during professional games and was probably one of the Top 3 ADCs back then. Later on during the beginning of the 2014 NALCS he decided to step down from Dignitas shortly after his old teammate Scarra(will be discussed later) stepped down. After Scarra left Imaqtpie lost his drive to play competitively and decided to become a full time streamer. Sooner or later he was making bank becoming a full time streamer and he described it as a much more fun alternative than playing professionally. Today we see Imaqtpie streaming everyday, while also uploading highlights on Youtube.



Scarra, a man with many titles, Former Coach for CLG, Former MidLaner for Team Rock Solid, and Former Midlaner for Dignitas. Scarrais known to be very intelligent by the community due to his very informative commentary. He holds the highest record for most kills in a single Professional game which was 19 with AP Master YI .Through out his career he was known for his mechanical skill which proved him to be one of the best mid laners back in 2013. Although he had a very few champion pool which he was comfortable playing with such as Katarina which he is known for. His Second most well known champion is his Gragas which Riot Games decided to represent scarra as in the 2014 World Championship Series (Can Be seen at 1:08). He also known for his Gragas Outplay which can be seen here . Much Like Imaqtpie he retired during the year of 2014 and decided to be a coach. Today we can see Scarra streaming Daily and contributing to the League of Legends Community.



Last but not least we have Dyrus, a player since beta, he’s followed and accompanied the Esports side of League of Legends from the bottom to its current fame today. a calm nonchalant player is what you would describe him as. He is known for many things during his career such as his infamous singed in which he would spam laugh during a competitive tournament(DreamHack), His Jayce which is shown in the Season 3″Road to the Cup” Clip( can be seen at 2:27),  Is one of the two players, the other being YellowStar, who have attended the first 5 League of Legends Worlds Championship Series, he also holds the most career assists in the top lane( By far quite an accomplishment since top lane is an Island), He attended to every NALCS Finals under the same TSM banner. Overall Dyrus was seen as a legend and will forever be quite the player to watch. And you may be asking what are his whereabouts to this day, well he is loyal to his fans and still streams on a daily basis, while uploading content on his youtube.

giphy (3).gif

What Each of These Veterans Have in Common?

Well in the end each of these Unique held  a trait that carried them so far in life. From owning big Brand names in the Esports community, to Streaming on a daily basis. These men who have been the keystone to the Esport world we see growing today had a sense of Comedic behavior. Whether it be trolling (the postitive kind) or it being them having a funny reaction during streams. Or making a funny meme for his fan base( General Oddone, Raise your dongers-imaqtpie, Singed Laugh-Dyrus, Stay Free Noobs-Oddone). In the end these Retired Pros have caused laughter throughout the small span of 4-5 years and currently cause tons of joy for the Esport Community.

P.S. Enjoy this cool Music :^)


The Reality of Esports And How It Effects Our World Today

The Reality of Esports And How It Effects Our World Today

Hey guys its been a while since I’ve posted a blog post. Today I will be discussing the reality of Esports and how it grows today.

giphy (1).gif\

Today some people do not understand the concept of esports. Some would think that it is a waste of time and would never interact with the reality of our lives. Little do they know that it is spreading rapidly like a flood, full of people who enjoy Esports in general. Esports ranges from PC, to Mobile App games, to even old consoles such as the Game cube. Many well known Esports that are starting to be recognized daily would be League of Legends, Dota 2 and probably Super Smash Brothers Melee. You must be wondering, How are all those games so popular among the world? Because in the reality of the gaming community that we each have a trait of wanting to be the best, some want it more than others, this leads to a competitive atmosphere around the globe from Americans facing European, to China and Korea  facing one another in “simple games.” This is typically how Esports is seen in reality. But this year is when the tides will most Likely change, such as having ESPN create its own channel for Professional gaming, some celebrities join in as well this includes Rick Fox X3 time NBA champion who in the past played for both the Lakers and The Celtics, this man now owns an NALCS and has them compete within the game of League of Legends. This Leads to a bridge being formed where Esports is starting to be connected to reality where it isnt just a “stupid dream.” A Good Friend of mine tells me that a student at my school plays Smite Professionally, this student plays on Team Envyus and goes by the name of “Cyclonespin” This shows that your everyday student can be someone who makes BANK doing the things they love to do. We also receive support from our government seeing as to them providing foreign professional players to receive a Visa to stay in the US for the time they are with an American team. Esports has also become a more sophisticated field such as sports we have today, RiotGamesinc will also press fines for many things under professional play, these fines would also be Vulgar Language, Poaching other players, Toxic behavior, and of Course cheating in any shape or form. But in the end how does this tie in with reality ? Well it ties in and anchors itself within our daily lives, we have many people around the Globe who support Esports and it has gone from a dream to a Reality.

Thanks guys for tuning in on this blog site, and Don’t forget to watch the NALCSS for 2016 its back up and boy do I sure miss it, heads up cause Next blog post will focus on the NALCS, so be ready :D. Have a wonderful day/ night.giphy (2).gif

Comparisons to Siddhartha, The Seven Samurai, and Taoism

This week I shall show you, the readers, what is right behavior in CS:GO. I will be using quotes from a movie called The Seven Samurai a book that is actually not boring and totally rad! The book is called Siddhartha. Unlike most other school books, Siddhartha  is actually a really interesting book that I can totally relate with. In Siddhartha, the main character, Siddhartha, starts out as a good boy, and he “has always obeyed his father.” which is definitely right behavior.  Later down the road, he disobeyed his father to become a Samana, which is basically a monk. After a multitude of years of simply “fasting, waiting, and thinking”, Siddhartha lives with a prostitute and becomes a rich man that gambles all his money. He is no longer humble and nice and soon, without noticing, his years dwindle by. In CS:GO, I used to have numerous skins, making my account worth about $150 in just skins. I was scammed for my beloved knife which was $70 and I took a dark turn towards gambling. I used sites such as I won a lot of money, totalling to around $372.10.ripperoni


I, similarly to Siddhartha, was not able to quit and I lost all my money to gambling. Without any more money to spend on gambling, I was forced to quit and I am thankful I quit before I lost even more money. I felt like Siddhartha because after he was done gambling, he meditated and all the bad things went away. Just like him, I forced myself to “fast” from CS:GO and soon my gambling addiction went away. In the movie The Seven Samurai, the bandits were “addicted” to going to the farmer’s village and plundering and taking all the wheat. The bandits were defeated and they were no longer able to steal food from defenseless people. I feel like the bandits from the movie and I also feel like Siddhartha. A really interesting quote from the movie is : “You don’t want to follow me. I’m always on the losing side.” I really relate to this quote because I suck at gaming and I was in Master Guardian; and that was only because my friend who is Supreme First Class, carried my heavy butt.


Taoism is a Chinese religion. The path of Taoism is simply accepting yourself. Discover who you are and do not change yourself. Taoism forces you to be true to yourself and do not change yourself. I personally do not agree to this. I was fascinated by gambling and really loved the aspect of making easy money and not having really low chances of losing. However, if I stayed true to myself, like what Taoism teaches, I would most likely still be losing even more than $370. I am thankful that I did not have any more money to spend on gambling because I know that I will not stop until I win and even after I win, I will not stop.

Noticing New Fish Out of water: Team Immortals

Noticing New Fish Out of water: Team Immortals

Hello there, It’s been a while since we’ve looked into the Esports side of League of Legends, and There is much to be noticed about the new LCS team Immortals. This probably seems like the most overpowered team that no ones seems to notice. In this post we shall analyze each individual team mate and how they contribute to the team seeing how stacked there team comp is and what it represents as a company for Team Immortals.

Huni In The Top Lane

This is probably one of the flex picks  for this Team, He game from Fnatic A Top european team and was a star player there. He is known for his 1v1 mechanics and dominance in the top lane. He is also known for his riven, Hecarim, and Jax plays. Overall Huni will show quite a threat towards all the NA toplaners. Definitely a good Pick up and “Ace in the Hole” for Team Immortals.giphy

Reignover In The Jungle

Another ex-member of Fnatic Reignover decided to be imported to NA much like Huni to learn and experience the NA LCS. He also might’ve joined since the salaries are a lot higher over here in America compared to Europe.Seeing how Reignover was part of a team who placed 3rd in Worlds he obviously holds some talent to help increase Immortals potential. Hopefully he performs up to the expectations of his fans and Team Immortal’s.


Pobelter In The Mid Lane

Former mid laner of CLG, Pobelter was another sweet pick up for the creators of Team immortals, although he was benched from CLG he ended up being on Team Immortals. Pobelter proved to be a well rounded midlaner who really didn’t show much fault in his mechanics. This Split could be his chance to put himself on the spotlight and show what NA talent looks like. Now being on a brand new team we’ll have to wait and see how well he performs along with his new teammates and how he enjoys the environment of Team Immortals .

giphy (1).gif

WildTurtle in The AD Carry

Former ADC of the NA king team ,Team SoloMid, He was later benched and he decided to move on as an open agent. Sooner or later he was drafted onto Team Immortals and although turtle has the flaw for being out of position, he does know how make game changing moves. Last Split he was known for his Dragon and Baron steals and he is ultimately an intimidating ADC.  He also poses as a pillar of strength for Team Immortals.giphy (2)

Adrian As Support

Adrian was part of the former team, Team Impulse, a team who was close to being at the top of NA. Adrian was known for his Shotcalling techniques that could make or break a team. Overall his champion pool is rather large and can step up with needed. Even Adrian’s Thresh became well known and is good at keeping up with the meta since he has 7 accounts in challenger. In the end Adrian’s shot calling and mechanics may be the back bone for Team Immmortals.

giphy (3).gif

Team Immortals

Team Immortals looks good on paper and each player has good mechanics its only a matter of time before we see whether Team Immortals can be a challenge to other teams. LCS Starts up in a couple of months and by the looks of it this split will become even more rugged and messy and it is undefinable who will be at the top of NA whether it be C9,TSM, Or Team Immortals.